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Njenfalgar's conlangs

Njenfalgar’s conlangs

First of all welcome to my website. Below one can find some (but not all) information about my conlangs and conworlds. All documents are pdf’s, as that is the format I most easily produce. The favicon up there, by the way, is the beginning of my name (’ãh plus eenen, i.e. the word separator plus the letter ‹n›) written in ’õSet’akhtü Njèènshwajgarr’s native script.

“Happy 2010” in ’õSet’akhtü Njèènshwajgarr, using the Èènmanting script (mark that it reads right-to-left)
“Happy 2010” in
      Èènmanting script

’õSet’akhtü Njèènshwajgarr

’õSet’akhtü Njèènshwajgarr: “The Language of Njenfalgar” is a language I invented to hone my conlanging skills. The result is rather unnaturalistic, but inventing it taught me a lot (if only about the limits of naturalism). I have kind of abandoned it at some point, but I remember it with kindness.

The Seven Gods universe

The “Seven Gods” universe is a conworld I basically started inventing at the age of seven, and which triggered my first attempts at conlanging. It has changed a lot since then — originally Jupiter would have been inhabited, which became problematic when my expanding astronomical knowledge started to include the fact that Jupiter is all gas until the core. Furthermore I invented the original language spoken on Jupiter thrice, only to give up when my parents unheedingly kept throwing away my notes (and also when I realized a language should contain more than nouns, thus surpassing my linguistic capabilities of the time).

Currently I am developing the main language of the first of the seven core planets. The protolanguage calls itself Troilgulm, and I am in the process of developing it into the future.

The languages of Kahal and Troil: Here I describe the main languages spoken at the time Troilgulm was spoken, as well as some smaller languages of interest from that time. In that period, there were two main civilizations: one occupying the plains on some equatorial continent, having Sar as lingua franca; and a second one in the mountains near to the first one, having little contact with the first one, and having Troilgulm as main language.

Troilgulm phrasebook: Some phrases that might be useful for people traveling to the lands of Troil.

The first chapter of McGuffey’s reader in Troilgulm: Here one can see the language in all its gruesome glory. Mark that some of the translations are a bit free, as the planet of Troil does not contains the same animals as earth.

On the origin of the placenames in the Old Provinces: The translation into English of the introduction to Shamphayër Norkeon’s list of etymologies of most — if not all — toponyms in the Old Provinces of the Empire. Mark that the language spoken at Norkeon’s time was already considerably different from the classical Troilgulm shown at the previous links.

The pangalactic language: Here one can find a description of the language used as an interlanguage by the pangalactic community. It has been featured in the Language Creation Tribune, issue 7 in the section on Conlang Curiosities.

The Multitude

Me in the Hạ Long bay, northern Vietnam

The “Multitude” is a multiverse I invented with the aim of writing an epic fantasy story in it. At one point I started completely reworking both conworld and story, at which point I decided to turn to the Seven Gods universe for some diversion away from the mess it was becoming. The conworld has seen little development of late, but I will return to it at some unspecified point in the future.

Collected sayings: This is a non-exhaustive list of sayings, poems and fragments of text I wrote while developing the Multitude. Most of it is deprecated, but I show it here for reminiscence and also to boast how prolific a conlanger I am.

How to stalk me

My e-mail consists of my conlanging pen-name Njenfalgar, followed by “at gmail dot com”. I also have a Facebook page. Furthermore, I can regularly be found on the Conlang-list.

My real life takes place in Đà Nẵng, Vietnam.